Phuket - Pearl of the Andaman




Thailand's largest island and home to many beautiful beaches, Phuket is set against the background of verdant coconut palms and sparkling lagoons. Every bay is unique, every creek has its own charm, and the sunsets are invariably spectacular.


Visit shimmering temples and colonial mansions, indulge in Phuket's many activities including golf and scuba diving or enjoy a gala event on one of the many deserted beaches on nearby islands.


With incredible scuba diving opportunities, championship golf courses, a vibrant nightlife at Patong’s Bangla Road and a whole feast of other activities, Phuket is welcoming, charming and a great destination for both a laid-back and adventure-filled holiday.



Weather summary


Thailand’s west coast has three defined seasons. From November to March, many consider conditions to be at their best with a cooling wind keeping the sky-high summer temperatures at bay and making the daytime more comfortable (avg daily temp: 26°C -32°C). From March through to May the temperatures rise (avg daily temp: 30°C-36°C) as the cooling winds depart and the humidity rises.



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