Bangkok - World class city with historic highlights




Bangkok, an exuberant city of contrasts, from the serenity of the exquisitely ornate golden temples to the vibrant, colorful nightlife, the vast malls of designer shops to the bustling street stalls and marketplaces. Discover a thrilling mix of ancient and modern, oriental and occidental in this buzzing metropolis, then enjoy a host of off the beaten track experiences and hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.


Visit Bangkok and discover a city of great contrast and diversity both in the places you go to and the friendly faces of people you will meet.




Weather summary


The dry season runs from November to May/June, with little if any rain expected throughout the region for much of this time. After the cooler winter months, from mid-January temperatures start to rise, peaking between March and May when it is not unusual for the mercury to break into the high 30’s and even 40 °C + especially in the central regions.


These sky-high temperatures can last well into the rainy season, however with the rains comes cloud cover and a rise in the humidity, making travel less comfortable



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